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Engine Quandry.

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Posted: 07/28/13 05:59 PM

Alright guys, here's my problem. I have a 98 f250 with a 3" body lift. It has the 4.6 in it. Its about 15 years old (do the math lol), and is starting to show its age, so I am now on the hunt for a new engine. I have been wanting to get upwards of 500 horses, not too much and not too little. I have been talkin to a buddy of mine that works for Ford and he said a 5.4 should fit, and I think it will the extra 3" of space. I was thinking a 3v, buuut that's as far as I have got. I was wondering if yall could help me pick out some good heads, cams, crank, etc. Or just hook me up with a good/helpful website or something. Pretty much an entire motor overhaul. Heck maybe even a good place to find a 5.4, it doesn't have to be new, I'm fine with used just as long as it is in decent condition of course. Whatever I do to it, I want to keep in N/A. I appreciate any help. Thanks guys!  

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Posted: 07/30/13 01:12 AM

a stock 5.4 is no where close to 500 HP...

there are also significant differences between the 2 motors.. the 5.4 does make almost 100 foot pounds more torque than most of the 4.6 motors..

there is a good 4.6 to 5.4 swap info.. things that need to be done on the web.. if you can google it...

there are also a bunch of truck magazines here.. that may have already performed the swap...

click the source internet media icon at the bottom of the page..   then  click the our sites tab..

each of the magazines on this site have tech sections and article archives..

i am just not that hip on the various mod motor power and interchanges..  

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