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94mustang cowl hood or cobra hood?

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Posted: 08/05/13 10:59 AM

Im a new mustang owner, has 306 with trickflow topend aluminum heads f303 cam. I was wondering if a cowl hood would the temps in the enginebay? I have a cobra hood with the two snorkel looking humps but no airflow through those. Has any one drilled holes in the black snorkel looking scoops? Or is a cowl hood a better way to go?  

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Posted: 08/15/13 10:05 AM

It seems to me that cutting out the fake intake holes in your hood would drop underhood temperatures to some extent and would definately be the cheaper way to do it.  You would want to check the location of your underhood electronics to see if water dripping on the baxes and connections could short something.  I know the anti-lock brake brain is in that vecinity.

That said, a cowl hood would work better bacause the holes are up high in the back of the hood.  Heat rises, and with the airflow through the radiator, hot air would be forced out through the cowl vents.  However, while being driven, there is a lot of air turbulence in a closed engine bay.  

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