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Rebuilding My 94 Mustang from shell --need some help

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Posted: 09/06/13 03:33 PM

hey fellas.. i had a 94 mustang v6 i stripped it down to a shell ... needed some suspension and body work ..i ripped everything out .. nothing left in it what so ever just sitting on donuts chassis brakes axles, interior is gutted ...

  has anybody rebuilt a 94 from scratch basically ? any tips or advice ?  

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Posted: 09/07/13 08:15 AM

depending on what your end use is...

got pictures...

got specific questions..????

it would take a month to describe everything that you need to perform...

one thing.. i can point out is the most important thing electricly  is the ground connections... they are scattered around the car shell.. and without them nothing works properly...

there are 4 mustang magazines on this site..  some have articles that cover some of the issues you are going to need knowledge on...

use photobucket and up load some images.. its free.. paste the links here so we can see what you need..  

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