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Blue Book of 1993 Mustang

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Posted: 09/07/13 11:42 AM

Hi, I am trying to sell a 1993 Mustang lx coupe. It has the 2.3 liter engine. Kelly Blue Book is valuing this at around $3,000, which surprised me. This is higher than a couple of years back. Does anyone know what buyers are looking for in particular, is it the body/frame? I'm just curious, don't know the mustang market too well. Thanks.  

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Posted: 09/07/13 02:56 PM

because its a good looking year...

they are popular to swap in motors of larger displacement..

the 2.3 versions get excellent fuel economy in case you did not notice passing all the gas stations week in.. week out..

you have the 90s version of the mid 60s to early 70s mustang  

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