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New member with 86 modular swapped coupe, and a few others

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Posted: 11/15/13 12:06 PM

Hi all.  I just came accross this site.  My name is Joe, I live in the Albany NY area. I have a few stangs.  I have a 86 4.6 2v swapped coupe that is my summer driver, a 91 coupe that is just getting into project mode, and my brother and I have been buildeing a 93 hatchback that is in the process of getting a 4.6 4v.  Someday I'll post a separate thread for each of them.  But here is a pic of each one for now.

86 Zpsaf305aae

101 0913 Zps4f1a9649

101 0911 Zpse15339f9

101 0912 Zps47410599

101 1098 Zpsa14a91b3

931 Zpsc22953f1  

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Posted: 11/16/13 11:05 PM

welcome joe...  nice rides..

you can post as many pictures as you want..

do you own build up forum thread..


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Posted: 03/09/14 09:37 PM

Nice rides man, i have a 2v swap car myself...Jus curious, whatd u do for a kmember & exhaust?  

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