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supercharging my gt

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Posted: 01/07/14 01:54 PM

I need a little bit of help, i kinda have an idea of what all i need. but i would like some professional help if there is any on here.

i got a 2000 mustang gt with 4.6l SOHC. got a few bolts ons but now time to start making power. Im wanting to get the kenne bell 2.1L supercharger but i know it wont hold up. So far im thinking of getting stage 3 cams with new valve springs. forged rotating assembly kit(about $1800), also was told i need to upograde axles and converter to a 2500 stall. what else do i need? i figure need to upgrade fuel system but what size injectors and fuel pump and all that would i need? and whatever else i would need would be helpful. thanks for the help in advance  

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Posted: 01/07/14 02:42 PM

there is a lot to install with any power improver like that..

there are a BUNCH of articles that cover these issues in many different ways..

i don't want to give you just one option..


there is page after page of them..

knowledge is power..

power costs money..

improper parts selection  may reduce vehicle speed to Zero... where all the power you could ever make.. won't do you any good...

so.. read the articles..

flip thru the individual images.. each one has text attaches usually..  and don't just read up on the model you have selected.. see what happens with the other models also..

there should also be an interesting article over in hot rod.. on the build up of the motor for the GT supercar..  

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Wabu Zirkin
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Posted: 01/09/14 08:49 PM

If you'd like Ford powertrain level advice I can tell you who to talk to (not me)
though I have been all through this in the past...can tell you where to go to get
correct advice...from your post you'll need it and you'll be saved huge amounts
of headaches and needless expense. I have nothing to do with this in the future
financially or otherwise...just understand where you're coming from and you can get the advice from some incredible sources if you wish...I've been where you are now and got the tee shirts in the past...am personally out of the blown modular scene
now...but the stories I could tell and the info you will learn....if you wish.

Contact me at waseewazi at gmail.com  

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