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stroker and turbo

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Posted: 01/18/14 08:49 AM

I have a 1992 hatchback that started life as a 4 banger 5 speed car. I recently dropped a 5.0 from a lincon continental into it with a small block c6 behind it. Now my long term goal is to make this a twin turbo 347 stroker car that I can ride on the street and still run pump gas. Anyone have any advice or things to watch out for?  
My name is Timothy James Lott. I am 29 years old married with 2 kids. I currently own 2 mustangs one is a 1992 hatch and the other is a 2005 v6. I grew up working on cars and hot rods and absolutely love it.

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Posted: 01/19/14 03:14 PM

yes.. there are 4 mustang and ford specific magazines here.. along with a few dozen others.. there may be several articles on what you are attempting to perform .

do you have a PC laptop.. there is a program out there that allows you to display EECIV and EECV data on the laptop display in real time..

where you can normally only get codes after a self test..

you might want to create at least a single break out test lead for one of the injectors..  

visit a junk yard..  hit the saab and volvos area..  look for the oxygen sensor and or anti lock brake wheel sensors.  if you notice you will see that they are the same as the fuel injector connectors. but you will have one of each side...  if you cut enough wire with them .. you can use female bullet connectors to connect the ends of the wires..  this allows you to look at the injector pulse width with a digital voltmeter on millisecond setting..

you can also hook up a narrow band air fuel ratio display to monitor the exhaust stream.. those two will give you a big help in monitoring the air fuel ratio..

one thing.. on 5.0 motors..  please.. use a vacuum gauge TEEed into the EGR hose.. to make sure that you are getting EGR control.. and that when you apply vacuum you actually get EGR flow and it stalls the engine..

failure to have EGR flow will cause pinging on motors with stock tuning..

as when you accelerate. the system falls into open loop and reverts to preprogramed fuel control numbers.. the computer thinks the EGR flow is working and will lean out the fuel mixture.. actually what happens is there is more oxygen than there is fuel and the combustion is too hot and it pings because its lean.. it will damage the pistons..

please also verify the computer harness is properly grounded..

one near the PCM connector to the firewall..

one in the harness branch up from the oxygen sensor.. that goes to the back of the head..

a blue and black as i recall that goes to the inner fender..  

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