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351 Cleveland Engine

Cody Nelson
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Posted: 01/17/14 02:57 PM

My friends dad has a Mustang Mach 1 that he was restoring before his untimely passing a few years ago. Now my friend and I want to pick up where he left off before his mom decides to sell the car for scrap. in 1991, he dropped a 351 cleveland in it but he never could get it to work. What are some suggestions or troubleshooting techniques we could try?  

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Posted: 01/17/14 07:46 PM

lets see...

when you turn the KEY to the cranking position.. does the starter turn the crank and the engine ???

yes or no...


if the starter spins the engine..  with a test light.  hook it to either the ignition coil positive or the I terminal on the starter relay..  i normally hook the clip to either position.. and stick the probe into something to ground it but in a place i can see..  slowly turn on the key... you should get a medium brightness test light..   turn farther and the light should go brighter.. release it to the RUN position.. it should go back to the medium brightness.

this proves the power to the positive side of the coil is working..


take out the first spark plug on the passenger side of the motor..  remove the distributor cap..

stick a finger over the spark plug hole.. NOT in it.. i normally use a remote starter button.. and bump the crank around until i feel pressure coming up in the spark plug hole..  i then look over at the timing mark.. i bump the engine until the timing mark lines up with the pointer..   is the ROTOR pointing toward where the wire to the spark plug you removed is..

its really easy to get the distributor installed half a turn out of alignment..

the crank turns two turns to one of the cam and distributor..  

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