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Help design our 71 Mach 1

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Posted: 07/24/13 03:26 PM

I'm currently deployed and trying to put the parts together to build up my Dad 71 Mach 1. It is bone stock and been inside since 81. 351c-4v was blown in 79. Missing the 4 speed.

Want to build a clean street/track car. We have a new 351w that was built for dirt track b-mods a few years back. It should be around 350-380hp.

This is a list of what I'm looking to do:
-Lower a few inches
-Run at least 10" wide tread in the rear.
-Run a floater housing.
-Update suspension & breaks.
-Run a newer mustang transmission.

What I'm hoping that you all could help me with is part details. Whats the best suspension companies that I should look at? What would be the best width of housing to get wheel clearance? If I run a modern manual what bellhousing do I need? Any other detail or area I am bound to miss.

I'm not worried about cosmetics or interior, only chassis and drive-train.

Thank you.  

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Posted: 07/30/13 01:26 AM

there are 4 mustang magazines on this site.. plus Hot rod, car craft.. popular hot rodding.. there should be at least one article on adding wide tubs on these 69 thru 73 model mustangs..

a stock mustang  5 speed transmission is not going to last very long behind that much power...

there are various 4, 5 and six speed transmissions that you will want to look at..

measuring for floater rear ends is quite involved..  but not impossible..  you will want to talk to the housing supplier..

look over in stockcarracing dot com and circletrack dot com.. both on this site for floater info

there are LOTS of axle options for a small bearing or a large bearing 9 inch rear end.. that might suit your build as well..  and manage to keep the parking brake and get you disc brakes..

parking brake on floater housings usually involves a second brake caliper... just for the parking brake..  

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Posted: 07/30/13 01:30 AM

here is a start on floater housings.


there are more out there.

don't forget brake bias.

as you will probably have slightly larger tires on the back than the front.. you will have to perform some serious calculations.  

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