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Drag Racing wheels&tires for a Stage3 Roush S197

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Posted: 09/19/13 06:39 AM

Ok, this may have been covered somewhere else in these forums but searching related keywords turns up over 1,200 results so I'm just posting my question.

I've got a 2008 factory Stage3 Roush that I've had modified and re-tuned by JPC.  The re-tune, done in mid August, netted about 433HP and 415lb-ft at the rear tires.  After a recent track outing with the new setup I found that I'm having issues keeping the wheels from spinning in first and most of the way through second gear.  I know some of this is likely driver technique, but I've decided to look into a pair of drag wheels and tires.  The problem is I have no clue where to start Confused . Should I go for  a set of 18's and lower profile dot slicks to match whats on the car or should I go for a set of 15's and taller tires to get more sidewall flex?  If I go down to the 15's what wheels will clear the brake and suspension components?  Also, need recommendations on a good set of dot slicks to go with.
Oh, since more details are usually asked for, the current wheel/tire combo is 275/40-18 on Roush 18x10s; the rear brake calipers/rotors are factory GT equipment; the rear suspension(including sway bar) is the factory Roush Stage3 setup.  

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