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S197 Front Sway Bar Chassis Attach Issue

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Posted: 04/27/12 12:03 PM

Sharing some experience with my Ford Racing front sway bar issue.  I installed ford racing swaybars on my 2011 GT.  The front swaybar chassis attach bolts for the are hokey.  They are designed for fast and easy installation at the factory, but when swapping out the bars for aftermarket, its a pain the the butt.  The bolts have a metal clip attached to the head to keep it from rotating, but if the bolts aren't kept in position during tightening, they will drop our of the slot and rotate making further tightening and loosening of the bolts impossible. I tightened the four bolts per the ford manual.  At my next HPDE, the swaybar broke loose from the chassis mounts and tore up the chassis attach bolt holes.  My mechanic removed the attach bolts and fabricated a set of nut plates that backed up inside of the chassis.  Been to a couple of more HPDE since with no problems.  If you're replacing the stock front swaybars with aftermarket, I would recommend installing them using this back-up plate method.  Needless to say, I was out of the HPDE for the rest of the day with a front sway bar blowing in the wind.  

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Randall B Garner
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Posted: 01/12/14 05:10 PM

can you send ome pictures of the upgrade and backing system that was made  

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