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Popping sound coming from center console

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Posted: 02/12/14 07:40 PM

Today I noticed on my 2012 GT a popping sound coming out of the center console. It starts when I turn my ignition and turn the AC button "on" Confused I been researching the problem with no luck. anybody had experienced something similar? Any advice is welcome. By the way I'm new in the community. From Texas, Ft Hood. Thanks.  

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Posted: 02/13/14 12:05 AM

just curious.. does it sound like the clicking in this 15 second you tube video?


that is more than likely a climate control actuator (little servo motor) that is out of calibration.. or has failed..

this is what a gm version of it looks like..

GM HVAC Actuatormotor Zps9dace336

i don't have a ford version uploaded for viewing..

there is a way to reset these sometimes.. if thats the sound let us know..

i think i ran across the actuator calibration procedures a while back..

where is your temp setting at...

full hot.. full cold???

have you ever lost a pen or pencil down the dash vents.. as that will jam the blend doors and cause clicking as the actuator tries to move the doors ..

i would imagine that the actuator is going to move the doors full range each time to verify actuator limits..  if something is wedged in there.. ..

your car will also have a cabin air filter.. says how to change it in your owners manual..  please read how to change it.. some parts stores keep them in stock.. they are not expensive  there have been issues .. with winter storage of nuts by animals in climate control systems.. causing issues..

here is a worst case from an RX8



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Posted: 02/13/14 06:29 PM

Thanks for the prompt response; it does the noise at any temp setting, even with the A/C power off, when I turn the ignition on. It will pop for about 10 seconds and it will stop.  As of something jam in the actuator is a possibility since I last replaced the cabin air filter about a year ago. Thanks for the idea of resetting the actuator, I’ll do some research on it.  

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