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Flowmaster 40-Series - The quintessential 5.0 Sound

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Posted: 03/16/14 12:44 PM

It's funny to me that you can't even buy the 40 series ready to bolt onto a current generation car. For me, the 40 series is what a mustang is supposed to sound like; it was the de facto muffler when I was first getting into cars. I've seen some plausible flowbench data that indicates they don't "flow" and of course everyone who enjoys repeating what everyone else is repeating is ready to sound off about this. What I haven't seen is any Dyno data that hasn't been through the internet wringer for years. I'd love to see like-for-like (at least the same size tubing) dyno data of the Original 40 series vs competitors.

I have to assume MM&FF did a round-up at some point; anyone know where to find it?  

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