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Posted: 10/14/06 06:56 PM

Hi,I'm new to the site and have a question concerning the casting numbers on my intake. I bought a 65 mustang coupe with the 289 4V V8 and auto trans. The car appears to be all original, but I want to be sure. The casting numbers on my intake read C5AE-9425-M. I need some much needed help breaking this down and could this be the original intake to my car?

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Posted: 10/21/06 01:17 PM

Hi the intake you have is from a 65 car the breakdown for the first 2 numbers is the c stands for the decade or the 60s the second number is for the year in that decade or 1965 the ae I dont know what that stands for, I believe the 9425 stands for the number this was produced as in this is the 9425th intake produced, to check the casting number on your block you will have to pull off your starter and the number should be on the block ther should also be a date code up under your starter hope this helps 65A  

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Posted: 07/02/08 09:46 PM

Look for an articles called "Guide to decoding ford part numbers", "Reading & understanding Ford part numbers", "How to read FoMoCo part numbers", and "How to read FoMoCo date codes".  The other response you got is correct.  The first letter is the Decade No., C being 1960s.  The 5 is the Year being 1965. The A is the Car Line code A being Galaxie.  The E is the Engineering Department code E being Engine Department.  9425 is the Basic Part No. in the range of Manifolds, Clamps, Etc. The M is the Design Change level so this was the 13th design change.  It looks like the intake is original and that it came from the Galaxie car line.  This is not uncommon as sometimes they would run out of mustang line (Z) parts and would use what ever they had on hand that was exactly the same part.  I have my family's original car and I have car line parts from Galaxie, Falcon and Fairlane on it.  

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Bill T.
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Posted: 07/03/08 03:21 PM

Also check the engine code (5th character) in your Vehicle Identification Number.  C = 2V 289, A = 4V 289, K = 4V 289HP, and if you have an early model (1964 1/2) D = 4V 289 and F = 2V 260.  If your engine code is "C" then it originally came with a 2 barrel carb.  

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