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64 1/2 289 Engine Block Casting Number ?

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Posted: 04/15/07 04:36 PM

The casting number on my engine block reads
0 C5AE-6015E and above it is 6F6.  I know this is a 1965 289, but what is do the other numbers tell me?  Thanks.  

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Posted: 04/08/09 04:32 AM

Did you get your block id? I have one with the same casting number and dont know what the beginning "O" stands for. Could you reply if known. Thanks,Bill  

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Posted: 04/08/09 09:37 AM

That block does NOT match the block for a 64 1/2 Mustang.

How about the heads and intake ?

Numbers decoded


C - Decade = 60's
5- Year the part was designed for (1965)
A- Car line is was designed/engineered for ( A = Galaxie)
E- Division of design - Engine Division
6015- Block engineering ID number
E - Change up code.( could mean there were 4 versions of that block before that one.

*6F6* tranlates to

June 6th 1966

6 - year of casting
F- Month of casting ( A being January)
6 - Day of casting.

Never heard of this O Wink

Can you post a pic ?  
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Posted: 11/11/10 01:46 PM

I would like to know as well why my cating number is 0 C5AE-6015E
Here's a link to the picture for all of those who say they would have to see it.



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