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Rocker Panel Replacement

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Posted: 09/09/07 01:48 PM

Does anyone know how to replace rocker panels Confused My rocker panel are shoot! and need replacement, How does it  all tie in togeher with the quarter panel, floorboard, and the front door hinge pillar?  

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Posted: 12/21/07 07:03 PM

Hi 59mustang

I assume you mean the outer rocker panels?
As for me; I just replaced my inner rocker on the passenders side.
What a pain in the butt that was being that this was the first time I ever did this.
Lots of cutting-out of the ol' rusty inner panel.

My outer panels are fine. And don't need to be replaced thank GOD.

I figure that if your outter rockers are rusty and shoot. You probably better get down under your car and take a good look at your inner rocker panels.


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Posted: 12/23/07 02:21 AM

If you are needing to replace the outer rocker panel?
You really need to check the fit of the door to the rocker that you are replacing first.
   If the door needs new door pins do that first then adjust the door. So you have a really good even gap across the top of the rocker to the bottom of the door.
And if you are replacing both the inner and outer? You really should then weld in a tep. brace across the door for support. Before you cut anything!
   KEEP the door on and adjusted. You will need it to aline the new rocker up too.
   Then start to remove the outer rocker. I would only remove the main section of it first. Leaving about an inch of it around the edges. This can then be removed by drilling or griding down the spot welds. If you are NOT replacing the inner rocker you DO NOT want to drill out the outer rocker spot welds you will also drill through the inner. So grid them down until the 2 panels come apart.
   Some people will leave where the outer rocker and quarter panel seam is alone. So you DO NOT mess up the factory seam there. And it is hard to get inside the bottom of the quarter window to reweld the 2 together.
SO to do this you will need to be able to leave about 1/2 inch of the old rocker just below the seam. Then cut the new rocker panel so they can be BUTT welded back together and ground down. This can only be done if you rocker is still good in this area.
   Now that you have them cut out and you have the new rocker fit in. I use a few small sheetmetal screws to hold everything together. And check the fit of everything the door and check to see how everything looks. Before you start to weld.
   If you are doing both Inner and outer? Screw them both together once they are in place. And check the fit of everything!
   Then remove the outer and start sopt welding everything.
   Hope this helped you out. And goodluck with it. Shannon Anderson  
Shannon Anderson
Anderson Custom Auto
Austin, Indiana

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Posted: 01/31/08 06:51 PM

I just cut out my floor pans a realize that my inner rocker panels are shot. The outer rockers are fine. The section under the rear quarters are fine so I didn't want to dig into that area if I can help it. I was reading your reply and think the similar steps would apply, or was there any tricks you can provide that may make life a little bit easier?  

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Posted: 01/01/09 10:52 PM


If you mean inner rocker panels yea I did mine on my 69 mustang convertible. They were hard to do but I did it and I even documented it with pictures. I put a little web site together showing that and the other work I did. Take a look http://www.knowledgeorb.com/mustang

The hardest part was removing the bit under the rear seat (window area). Was hard to get all that out to get the new one in. I had the front end of the car disasembled when I did it and that helped make room to slide the new one in.


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