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help--what is my 66 mustang worth in kbb?

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Posted: 09/27/07 11:36 AM

I'm trying to get insurance on my 66 mustang convertable. It runs nicely...is pretty  much all stock...a/c is disconnected and not running...nice interior.
Unfortunatly it is my only vehicle and need it to drive the short distances to work every day (I'm in the process of getting a moped so I don't have to drive it as much). Since it is an everyday vehicle, it seems I need regular insurance as classic car insurance only covers weekend driving.
The normal everyday insurance companies will only cover the car for its kelly blue book value. I'm assuming it is low but I'm not sure how low.
I have been offered $15,000 for the car without even trying to sell it. I'd hate to be stuck with a kbb value of it only being worth $1,000.
I have looked through the kbb site and it looks like I need to buy a separate book from them that lists what the car is worth.
Has anybody a similar mustang and can estimate what it may be worth?
Is there a website or link where I can find the kbb value or similar value for the car?
Would you recommend a different way to go about getting insuarnce for my mustang?

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Posted: 10/21/07 06:49 PM

I recently insured my 1970 Mach I with American Family.  I had to take it to an apprasier who gave me a ball park figure about what it was worth.  I took that appraisal to the agent.  The agent took pictures and I insured it as a "stated value" policy.  It actually was not very expensive.  Good Luck, Dennis  

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Posted: 10/22/07 05:31 AM

go to www.nada.com this web site will tell you how much your car is worth AND FORESMAN THE APPRASIER YOU TOOK YOUR TO MIGHT BE WRONG SO YOU MIGHT WANT TO CHECK THE NADA WEBSITE TO MY 65 STANG IS WORTH $30,000  

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