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Vin Number location and build code

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Posted: 11/10/12 12:58 AM

That number won't have the info you need.  If you can find another VIN tag on the fender or under the rear and get the est of the info it would be very easy to find the original car color.  There should be more than the one VIN that was on the door.  

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Posted: 07/27/14 06:00 PM

Hello out there I have a 66 coupe that the original vin plate on the door was lost.  But I have paperwork from Oklahoma where they change the vin and  reassigned it a new one.  But I do not know all of the other info that is on the vin plate this is my vin
6R07T107869. Maybe if some has the car with a vin that is close to this one if you could pass the info on it would be great. Tring to get the vin plate ordered and vin on car changed back to original.  Thanks for the help.  

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