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No ignition from coil to plugs

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Posted: 09/17/08 11:36 AM

I have a 302 from a 79 mustang that I took out along with the ingintion system and am trying to hook it all up in my 65. I'm getting power to the coil from the module, but nothing past the coil. the motor was running befor switching cars so I know that everything did work then. My question is if the FORD coils need to be grounded or could the coil just have gone bad or does it sound like theres a problem i'm over looking. I also have checked all of the grounds that i can think of. thanks  

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Posted: 09/17/08 12:45 PM

Ford coils do not need to be grounded. So what exactly is the problem - the car won't startwith the new engine (I'm not sure if you have just the ign sys or the entire engine)? Get the WDM from a 79 and match it with your 65. As I recall, the electronics module does need to be grounded-BTW.

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Posted: 09/25/08 04:39 PM

Get a multi meter and go to work.  Are you getting voltage out of the coil?  If so, how much?  Do you still have points, and if so do you get a spark across the points?  If not, then you need to get a new coil and even consider upgrading to the Pertronix system.  

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