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Speedometer erratic. 2005 Mustang, V6.

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Posted: 07/11/11 12:58 PM

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We are just begining to have a speedometer problem with our 65 V6 convertible.  It only has 27,000 miles on it.  Sometimes it works OK, other time it stays below 0.  The other guage seem OK so far. Did anyone ever get Ford to admit there is a problem?  Are they willing to fix it free?  My dealer claims they are not aware of any consistent guage problem with 65 Mustangs.  Am I still getting the "run a round"? Confused

are you working on a 65 mustang with original gauge cluster?????

if so, change out or lube the speedometer cable. if it doesn't fix the problem, take the "speedo head" to a repair shop.  

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Posted: 09/03/11 02:02 PM

All my guages don't work properly.  The speedometer works 1 out of 20 times I use the vehicle and the rest of the guages never work.  This better be a recall.  I know one other person that has a mustang and the guages are having trouble too.  This was the worst purchase I ever made.  

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Posted: 05/30/13 12:06 PM

Hey I opened a safety complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin. and I emailed and telephoned Ford Motor Company.  I can't believe the NHTSA.gov told me no other complaints exist and no recall is in order.  Ford told me almost exactly what the other blogger got, "Thanks we care but your out of warentee and we have no information about this problem".  Sooo basically I took the care to the dealer, AUBURN FORD IN AUBURN, CA.  They charged me $400, did not fix the problem of the faulty gauges and after 3 attempts to get this problem fixed, I have decided to let everyone I know, including the Better Business Bureau and social medias, that FORD Mustang gauges are dangerous.  They do not do their job.  Driving on the roads with a faulty temperature gauge, a speedometer that does not accurately display the speeds, etc. according to the NHTSA and FORD MOTOR COMPANY these are not problems of theirs, ok.....DON'T purchase FORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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Posted: 07/21/13 11:30 AM

We have been rebuilding instrument clusters for a long time, and we offer the best warranty in the industry on the functionality of the gauges.  Please feel free to find complete details along with the option to place an order through our website at the following page:


If you have been a victim of another repair depot telling you that your cluster is not repairable and telling you that replacement is your only option, please contact us.  We can help!  

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Posted: 11/10/13 09:55 AM

I started having issues with my 2005 mustang about two years ago..it has 110K miles on it right now...2 years ago I started noticing an issue with the gas gauge. It definitely seemed to misread in the cold (the car is in a heated garage)...in the summer it wasn't as bad.  Now when the car warms up it reads right, but when first turning over nope...no gas...Then the speedometer has just been nuts...it's as if it's stuck period. I also get misreads sometimes on my cool level reader....I was quoted $1500 to take a look and possible fix this issue...I'm just so over it. I love my car it's fine but this is just nuts!  

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Posted: 11/10/13 01:59 PM

there are several offers above for repairs

and dorman products even offers reman clusters..

Dorman 599-631 Instrument Cluster

Remanufactured Instrument Clusters

Application Summary: Ford Mustang 2005

AVAILABLE IN THE US ONLY (Ships same day if placed before 3:30PM EST). Must have VIN# and mileage to order. Call 1-800-523-2492 or order via web.  

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