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Looking for my father: Robert "Tweety" Aldredge

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Posted: 05/29/09 08:53 PM

If anyone knows of Bob "Tweety" Aldredge, could you have him contact me please?  My birth name is Michael Gerald Aldredge; birth mother:  Constance Aldredge, nee Constance Wallingford; my birth date is August 20, 1965. I was born in South Bay Hospital, Redondo Beach, Rm 221C.  I have an older brother John; also, two older sisters, Lorraine and Kimberly.  I believe Bob's my father.  Well, there you have it.  I've been wanting to know more about him, and miss him a lot.  Don't remember much about him, except that he worked for Shelby Automotive in some capacity.  If anyone knows how to reach him, please pass this information along to him.  I can be reached at 421 Fair Drive, #102, Costa Mesa, CA, 92626.  Or on my cell phone:  (714)264-7768.  Hopefully, someone knows more about him than I do.  I know of no other way to contact him, so there it is.  Many appreciations to whoever reads this, and can help me in my search.  Until later.  Mike.  (PS:  I still have that picture of little blonde me sitting on my dad's lap.  He's sitting outside, in a circle of chairs, surrounded by his friends.)  Bye 4 now  

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