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Looking to trade set of 289HiPo heads casting# C30E/20

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Posted: 02/14/10 02:19 AM

I'm looking to get rid of a set of 289 HiPo heads cast # C30E (f?)  with a production date of 3m23. These heads are in perfect condition and have the code 20 cast on the end of one head and I believe under the other. both have a larger "f" (that I can't find much info about) on the head near the front, undeneath a bolt hole for the alt. Bracket?  Both are date matched- No cracks, no problems, I took these off of a car that turned 7000+ rpm. every time down the track. These heads are the factory screw in studs with square pushrod guides, x2 springs, and cut away perch to allow for longer springs. All factory for real HiPo heads. The valves aren't oversized to my knowladge but they arnt the stock ones with the FoMoCo stamp either. The only pic or article online I found with matching heads to mine were in an article from  Bob mannel and the link is: http://www.fordsmallblock.com/PDF/Prototype-1965-HiPo.pdf . It says the heads he had found had the c30e castings with the larger  52.5-55.6 cc chambers and 1.78" diameter intake valves rather than the standard HiPo C30E having the 47.7- 50.77.  I haven't had chance to cc the heads and honastly guys- Im stumped on um and would really apriciate ANY help pertaining to this. Can I tell just by lookng at the shape of the chambers? Anyhow,
I'm only looking to sell these heads to get alum. Ones that I feel more comfortable cutting, grinding and porting to match my growing performance needs. I would gladly trade out for a set if at all possible ( and prefered)  but Being a resto fan, I just can't bring myself to cut on these C30E heads Just for my avg fox body street car. instead, These heads would be much better on some early ford muscle. Then maybe one more car can have the actual ford cast #'s and correct heads to back up those " HiPo" badges I see all to often on standard 289's. If anyone is interested or wants pics please email me or call me @ 775 240 6554.  Thanks guys- I figure if anyone can help..:. It would be here. JAY
For pics or info please email or call Jay@ 775 240 6554  

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