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Top Notch Mustang restorations over 30 years exp.

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Posted: 05/31/10 09:05 AM

Hello all! Well I thought id let you guys know what I do incase you need some real help or advice on your ride. Iv been restoring Mustangs for a living for over 25 years and have had same employees for over 20 years doing just classic mustangs. I have thousands of parts and offer a wide range of services. We are the shop that mustang owners need to find. Good prices/good people and most off all great mustang builders. Better then most in the country. Top 10 percent anyway. I know thats saying A lot but have picks and references to prove it. I have owned many shelbys/bosses/429 SCJ drag pac cars/Mach-1s/conv./ you name it Iv restored it. Race it! Crashed it lol. But we restore 10 at a time and service atleast 20 a week. If your serious about building a stang we are serious about what we do. We do a high Quality restomds/customs/shelbys/bosses/fastbacks ect. We also build motors and ship them to ya. From correct to wild. Just drop in add gas and go. What ever you need you need to check us out. We are in west palm beach florida and do free transporting on all Big jobs so we arent out of range for noone! If ya like to chat or just ask some questions feel free to call me anytime. We also have many mustangs for sale from $5000 to $150,000. So if you are tired of the old body shop saying they can do that! Bring it to someone who can do that! I have pics of most cars and projects iv done so if their is any part of a car you would like to see before and after i can do that. Just ask. Thanks for reading and remember your mustang is only as good as the guys who did it!

Palm Beach Mustangs

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Posted: 04/20/13 09:30 AM

Hey Brian
Maybe you can help? I am looking for a right hand (passengers side) light bucket for a 1964.5 Mustang
Thanks for your time


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