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2.77 speedometer drive gear

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Posted: 06/22/10 04:49 PM

While rebuilding the 2.77 3 speed manual transmission (four bolt top cover) out of his 65 six cylinder coupe, my son managed to lose the speedometer drive gear.  Nobody carries this part ... no, transmissioncenter.net doesn't have it ... no, David Kee Toploaders doesn't have it ...  none of the pony shops seem to carry any parts for this transmission.  Is it not considered a true toploader??  

I understand from others its not the sturdiest or most reliable transmission, but its original to the car and we don't want to change it.  Does anyone know where to find this part ... or even what it looks like?  I could measure the tail shaft for ID, but I don't know how many teeth, what direction, ....   Any help/info would be greatly appreciated.


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