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302 to 5.0 HO EFI Swap Advice Needed

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Posted: 08/03/10 04:38 PM

An EFI conversion is definately on my list of things to do with my 1976 302, but it is a bit down the road so I haven't done my homework yet, just some preliminary Googling. However I have come accross a deal I don't think I can pass up, so can you guys tell me if I should get the parts off of this 1992 5.0 HO automatic. I mention automatic because I heard the more desirable swap is for the manual (with the A9L computer) so you don't have the tranny sensor throwing a check engine light since you have no where to plug it into.

I am hesitant because the HO's came with roller cams, and I think mine is a flat tapped, (though I read somewhere that maybe all 5.0's were HO during that erra 88-91) also the HO's have a different firing order (same as the 351) right?


Upper Intake
Lower Intake
Throttle Body
Wiring Harness
ECU E9AF-14A624-AA
Fuel Rails (maybe)
Fuel Injectors (maybe)
Fuel Injector Harness (maybe)

No Mass Air Flow Meter (Bummer)


1. Does the 5.0 have a flat tapped cam and the HO has a roller cam, among other differences?

2. Can I mate the 5.0 HO distributor with my 302 stock cam, and will that change the firing order?

3. Can I use my stock D50E A3B heads someone said they are better than the 5.0 heads? I do own a set of 5.0 E7TE ie 1987 heads as well, would I have to use those instead?

4. I really don't know what determines the firing order is it the distributor, or is it the distributor/cam combination?

I don't want to get these parts if it means convertng my engine to a roller cam engine, if I have to do that I might as well just drop a complete 5.0 engine in. But then again I have no idea what I am talking about so somebody set me straight, please.  

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Posted: 08/07/10 09:04 PM

What the he11 for $100 bucks I went ahead and bought all this stuff. I know what you are thinking, are you kidding us, you asked all those questions for $100 bucks, you need to get smacked upside the head... whoa wait a second, don't tell me you guys never bought a part for $50 bucks and spent $500 trying to get it installed and working, LOL...

1. Upper Intake
2. Lower Intake
3. Throttle Body
4. Throttle Position Sensor
5. Idle Air Control Sensor
6. EGR Valve
7. EGR Valve Sensor
8. TFI Distributor
9. Spark Plug Wires
10. Fuel Rails
11. Fuel Injectors
12. Fuel Injector Wiring Harness
13. Main Engine Wiring Harness
14. ECM - Computer
15. Oxygen Sensor(s)
16. Coil
17. Hardware

No Mass Air Flow Meeter, (that's the only biggy that's missing) and the air intake tube, etc. At this point I am thinking I may consider trading this stuff for a non HO setup to keep my conversion simple, any takers?

More pictures available here: http://www.gregandsandy.com/302/efi.htm


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Posted: 08/07/10 11:02 PM

greg.... are you thinking there is a major difference between the 5.0 EFI  and the 5.0HO EFi set up??/

there is not a lot of difference...  

the big question... is this just for the engine stand.. or do you have a car to put this in..????

the distributer does not set the firing order between the 2 variations..  the cam shaft does..    there is a difference in the computer wiring  as the injectors need to be hooked up to match the firing order..

there is also a difference in materials of the distributer gears between some of the motors..  cast iron verses steel to match the cam material...    there may also be a difference in the oil pump drive shaft length... as the tip of the distributer shaft on the EFI and HO distributers is longer than the conventional duraspark distributers..  

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