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1968 Engine Compartment Panels

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Posted: 10/14/11 04:38 PM

I have the engine out of my 68 and am preparing the compartment to put it back in.  The right front panel (where battery sits) is badly rusted out and needs replacing.  I have removed the bolts attaching it to the fender and the shock tower panel but still cannot seem to separate it from the shock tower panel.  Does anyone know how they are attached?  I don't see a weld bead or any spot welds although maybe I'm just missing them.  If an adhesive was used can you suggest a solvent?  Thanks  

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Posted: 10/15/11 12:05 PM

perhaps.. this might help

3021 300 671  

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Posted: 10/17/11 01:15 PM

If you go here, you'll see what you have to do to replace that R/H front apron and battery tray:

PS you don't have to change the radiator frame out at the same time (mine was also rusted out by the battery area)

Here is the after photos (disregard the shot of my little grandson):

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