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2002 Convertable top leaks

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Posted: 10/22/11 08:56 PM

My 2002 Mustang Convertable top has started leaking (after spending a year at the ocean in the driving wind and rain)to the point that water filled up to approx. 3 to 4 inches in the trunk and on the floorboards directly behind the driver and passenger seats this past winter.

Other than having the entire top taken off and reworked to the tune of 600 to 800 dollars, does anyone know if there is any type of cover that I can purchase that will cover only the top part of the car down past the metal trim and the side windows. Or am I going to have to be the inventor of a new top cover with magnets, in order to keep from having the rain pour in.

Please don't suggest an entire car cover. I've got one already and it is truly a hassle to put on and take off by myself. Especially when it snows.

H E L P !!!

Sign me truly frustrated with my beautiful car.  

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Posted: 10/22/11 11:00 PM

first.. each convertible top panel should drain into some kind of drain that leaves the floor.. NOT drain into the inner body..

if the drains are clogged.. you will have a flood..

did you invest in a factory service manual.. with the convertible top section..  it will cover this... i don't have a any ford manuals that cover these convertible tops...

i don't know if the alldatadiy   dot  com or the eautorepair dot net  sites have the convertible top info or not..

i did find a few pictures...

if you love the car...  you are going to want to carefully remove the interior..  remove the carpet and insulation..

have it properly cleaned..  and derusted..   then probably have a layer of some truck bed coating sprayed into the inside of the car..    you could remove the wiring that runs along the interior.. or the floor... or you could use something like aluminum foil tape to go over them  after a layer directly over them of cloth duct tape...  this will give the bed liner something to grab to and protect the wiring.  this will make your car if done right.. almost water proof from the inside..

you can then reinstall the interior..

there have been other cars  where the drain slots in the doors and under the rear quarter windows has clogged .. the door or the inner quarter panel filled with rain water..  fills the inside of the car...



so.. if ITS NOT LEAKING through the top material... it is more than likely leaking between the top and the body panels..

water runs down hill...  it must have an outlet somewhere..

i had one car.. that would flood during rain storms..  we searched and searched .. took the entire interior out..  but working in los angeles.. it rarely rains here.. we had mechanics inside the gutted interior.. while i ran a water hose over the outside...  could NOT find a leak...

since the interior was out...   i pulled a tail light..  duct taped the shops vacuum hose into the round opening.. sealed off all the other openings with low tack blue masting tape..  put the vacuum ON blow.. and pressurized the interior.. while techs went around feeling the various openings..   when we got the rear wheel wells.. we found that one had the undercoating damaged by something big..  and the panel was rusted through...

so the tires would kick up water into the inner fenders and flood the interior of the car..  from the bottom... only while driving..

leads me back to the tighter than a ducks.... lower opening..    because ducks don't  drown from the bottom..

you will probably want to open your convertible top to the half way point and examine the area where the rear portion of the top material seals or drains to the inside and then  to the outside..  

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Posted: 10/24/11 07:38 AM

Kritter, while Wayne offers excellent advice (as usual) to answer your original question, yes, there are just "half tops" available that cover the top and glass area. These are usually used to protect the interior from the damaging rays of the sun, but could be used to simply keep water out of the interior as well.

I would surely try to find the problem and repair it, and I concur, get the carpet cleaned/dried to prevent rust and mold/mildew.

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Posted: 06/26/13 02:34 AM

this post is very used to protect the interior from the damaging rays of the sun, but could be used to simply keep water out of the interior

Read more: http://forums.mustangmonthly.com/user/02/reply/8942595/#ixzz2XMepDW5q
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Posted: 01/20/14 12:29 AM

We also use the "half tops" available in the market to protect the glass areas and it is very effective also. This really helps to keep the interior not getting damaged by the sun rays. Also it keeps your interiors look like new ones all the time.


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