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Car stuck in 4th gear

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Posted: 03/22/12 09:22 AM

My mustang goes slow when taking off almost like its stuck in 4th, it picks up speed but doesn't want to take off.  Also the check engine light is on and the overdrive light keeps flashing.  Has anyone had this problem?  

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Posted: 03/22/12 10:14 AM

since we are coming up on 50 years worth of mustangs... knowing which one might really help..

does the overdrive light flash in a pattern???  like morse code..

if its a car from 84 to 95 with fuel injection..   you can run a KOEO and KOER test.. with a scan tool..

1996 and newer is OBD2.,.. so you can plug in an OBD2 scan tool and read the codes easily and also view the live data stream..

when the computer sees a problem with something in the electronics or the transmission control.. it will shut off the shifting forcing you to bring it in for service..  

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Posted: 09/20/12 12:40 AM

it could be a problem with the downshifting transmission starting out in a gear higher than the first. Automatic transmission cars need to manually shift, automatically changing the gears and vehicle speed is attained.  

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Posted: 09/21/12 03:22 PM

Ok if it a newer aod transmission, check the fuse for the O2 sensor, had a 2000 f150 similar problem, the wiring harness melted against the manifold, blew the fuse that powers the rear O2 sensors, but also feeds the AOD transmission too. may have to remove that harness and inspect it closely for burn marks.  

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