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Saying Hello

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Posted: 05/17/12 12:44 PM

Hi, I just joined the group. I've got an awesome '77 Mustang II Ghia - black and chamois. I am looking for a replacement black gas cap if anyone knows how or where to find one. I hope to get some great shots of it soon so I can post here. It only has 60,000 miles on it and it's in great shape for a car that age.
Just thought I'd check in and say hello.

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Posted: 05/18/12 06:12 AM

Hey Dieverdog,

Welcome! We're glad you're here. Sounds like a really nice car. Gotta represent the IIs!  

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Posted: 06/07/12 07:13 PM

Welcome to the site.  You may wish to post at mustangii.net as well, as someone may have what you are looking for.  I had a 78 Ghia, midnight blue and chamois.  Wish I still had it. I am looking forward to seeing pics of your car.
1977 Mustang II Mach 1

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Posted: 06/09/12 07:49 AM

I'm kinda' new here too... I drive a SWEET 'o7 GT...
I think the Mustang 2's were really of a lovely design...
They can prove to be difficult to restore as the Mustang 2 is neglected and dismissed by a vast majority of the Mustang community... This is a shame!
The continuity between the 1's and 2's created the pattern that is still honored  and followed today... The "Hockey stick" indentations on the side, The round headlight's and the 3 divided "Shelby" "Cobra style" sectional taillights. I think even the honeycomb grill was carried over from the 1's to 2's... ...and is still respected today...
The pattern was set... The legacy was firmly established. And sales proved it.

Mustang owners kind of remind me of the Harley Davidson community... We can't seem to let one drive past us without a wave and a beep!!! You'll find what you're looking for by just doing a simple search at the various Mustang 2 sites on the interwebs

Go to this link that I've provided here... THESE guy's still honor the 2's!
Nobody at this site will dismiss your love for this timeless classic!
Good Luck!


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