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Trying to locate 65 coupe my dad bought new in SC and I owned in 70's

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Posted: 08/30/12 05:47 PM

My dad was Bill Buck from Hartsville, SC.He purchased 65 coupe new! The color was poppy red with a black vinyl top. He had thunderbird emblyms  placed on the sides of the top and had a raised horse as a hood ornament. He also added a 351 cleveland racing engine. The interior was black and it was an automatic. Not exactly sure what year I bought the car from dad but know my husband wrecked it in 1977. I was unable to fix the car at that time and sold it to GW Bradshaw from Society Hill, SC. He had the car painted candy apple red but left all of the other features. Sometime around 1980 Bob Hamby purchased the car for his daughter to drive to college. I was told somewhere in the mountains of NC. I do not have the vin number for this car and have tried the insurance company, and the SCDMV with no luck. All of the above gentlemen are deceased. Know I am looking for a needle in a haystack but hoping someone has seen this car. Sentimental ties!!!! Thanks so very much for any help!!!!  

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Posted: 09/01/12 09:00 AM

i have a horrible idea...    advertise on bottles of mountain dew..  

if you had the vin number most states have privacy laws that really limit these kinds of searches...

the privacy laws are enacted to save lives... where stalkers have found people who were hiding from them.. or to kinda protect celebs who have stalkers who only know them from viewing movies or TV shows...  

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Posted: 08/07/13 12:01 PM

Did you have any luck on tracking this car down? I may be trying to do something similar and wondering if you have had any success.  

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