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2007 shelby gt

New User
Posts: 1
Joined: 09/12
Posted: 09/20/12 08:32 AM

there was a question asked a while back about how many white and black shelbys were produced. well i went to vegas and visited the shelby plant next to the vegas speedway,they have a free tour of the shelby museum ,a gift shop and they let you sign the wall with your name and unit number,they let you take pictures everywhere except in the back where the shpo is. there hanging from the ceiling like at a college,high school or aren showing banners of championships were 2 banners one for the 2007 production the other for the 2008. the  manager in cherge took a picture of the banners for me,it said 2007 shelby gt 2,260 white and 3,372 black were built for the entire country. the shelby gt was only built in 2007 in either white or black. happy motoring falcon68  

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