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Safelite install leaking

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Posted: 09/04/12 02:57 PM

I had both front an back glasses replaced an with new seals by Safelite an both are leaking like a sive. Did the 65 coupe come with screws for the clips that hold the crome in place or was it some type of weilded on studs. They say it is leaking at the screws an that the car came with the studs. Are they telling me the truth.I am looking at the blue colored book by Jim Osbacr 1965 Mustang Body Assembly Manual an it shows SCREWS.  

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Posted: 09/04/12 03:46 PM

as for what kind of screws..???  or welded...  both are still available..

there are 3 or 4 types of screws...  

if you want to find the exact leaking area.... pull a tail light housing.. use a shop vacuum on blow or a leaf blower through the opening for the tail light housing to pressurize the inside of the car while you trickle water from a garden hose across the various parts of the window seal....  

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Posted: 09/05/12 05:41 AM

Most '65's use screws for the moulding retainer clips. These screws should have been installed with a dab of sealer on the threads.

I'd carefully examine the glass thickness versus the gasket channel. A lot of the newer glass is thinner than the original Carlite glass, leaving a gap in the gasket unless the optional "thick" gaskets are used that are now made to work with the thinner glass.

Secondly, where did they put sealer? There should be sealer between the glass and the gasket, and the gasket and the body. It should be a bedding/glazing compound that does not get hard. If they used eurethane window sealer it needs to be redone! I usually go around the installed gasket with extra bedding compound and seal between the gasket and the frame/body as well. It's ok to overfill, then wipe off the excess once the mouldings are popped into place.

Frankly, I NEVER let a modern glass shop do vintage glass. They are usually a bunch of 25-30 year olds that only know how to do modern glue in glass. Most don't even know how to remove the mouldings! Find an old school glass/trim shop or a restoration shop to do the front and rear glass install.

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Posted: 09/06/12 08:03 AM

All I need to know is if the 1965 Mustang came from the factory with screws or studs! An is there proof of this in writing some where online. Thank you from Guntersville.Al.  

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