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Engine Stall

New User
Posts: 1
Joined: 11/12
Posted: 11/01/12 09:47 PM

Hello everybody,
I recently got a 1966 mustang that needs restoration. My engine will run good when it starts up. on 2 occasions my car stalled out and/or would not start back up.
1) I was backing out of the driveway and it stalled about half way out of the driveway. i started  it back up and started backing out again and it stalled again when I got into the street. After that happened I would turn the ignition and the car  would not start. It made a quick, pulsation "whirr" like sound when i tried to start it.
2) the car was in the driveway after being driven earlier that day, a few hours before. tried to start the car up again and the car made the same whirring sound and would not start up.
On both occasions the car ended up running again, but needed some careful gas pumping or getting inside the carburetor. I might have been flooding with gas when I pumped but I am not sure. Engine is a stock 289. i have only driven it a few times since i got it a couple months ago. If you need anymore information, ask.  

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Posts: 455
Joined: 04/12
Posted: 11/02/12 06:54 AM

would turn the ignition and the car  would not start. It made a quick, pulsation "whirr" like sound when i tried to start it.

thats usually DIRTY battery terminal connections.. either at the battery posts.. at the starter solenoid or at the block...

i normally keep a stainless steel wire toothbrush i pick up at hardware or paint stores for a few bucks to clean the ring terminals and threaded studs.

the whirr or clicking noise is the solenoid kicking out and in repeatedly.. as the solenoid kicks in the load of the starter is more than the dirty connection will allow to flow. so the voltage drops.. the solenoid kicks out.. the load vanishes.. the voltage comes back up.. the solenoid engages and the starter load again takes all the current causing the voltage to drop again.. this happens many times a second and the clicking noise is now heard...

clean your battery cables.. both ends of each..   on a 66 mustang there is also a braided ground strap between the back of the engine.. probably the passenger side cylinder head..  and the firewall above the transmission dipstick tube..  spend the time and clean both ends of that also..

if you get a chance.. run an additional ground connection between the engine and the body..
later models all have a connection part way down on the negative cable to connect the battery neg to the body in a better style...  

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