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Autolite 4100 rebuild?

Posts: 123
Joined: 06/09
Posted: 09/13/12 12:23 PM

Does anyone know of any company like Pony Carbs that you can send an autolite 4100 to to get rebuilt? I really want it done correctly.

Thanks All  

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Posts: 1410
Joined: 03/08
Posted: 09/13/12 01:17 PM

Luke it is a really simple carb to work on. Unless you want to blueprint it, try it yourself. Here is a link I've found on Ford Carbs that has a lot of useful information:  

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Posts: 455
Joined: 04/12
Posted: 09/13/12 08:21 PM

there are still a LOT of carb shops...

with the loss of pony carbs owner.. makes me want to open a speciality carb rebuilding shop..

there is also Holley...  they still have their custom carb rebuilding department..

one option.. that might seem strange is the summit branded carbs.. they are a direct grandchild of the 4100..  but with holley vacuum secondary linkage instead of the big diaphragm on the back of the float bowl..   summit also offers idle air bleeds and idle feed restriction kits to fine tune your summit carb..

you could also go the other way..  and pick up an 85 5.0HO 4180 motorcraft/holley carb..

as those are tuned to put out a lot more power and get decent fuel economy..  will pretty much bolt on.. should work just fine on a 289...   these do have the base plate idle mixture screws.. rather than idle mixture screws on the metering block..  

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Posts: 259
Joined: 08/11
Posted: 09/14/12 06:45 AM

As the others have stated, the 4100 is an easy carb to rebuild and I recently did a story on just such a rebuild. Unless you're looking for concours plating and need some serious restoration work (throttle shaft bushings worn, missing/broken parts, etc.) then I'd look at KP Carbs/Carbontooters. Kurt worked for Jon Enyeart of Pony Carburetors when Jon's shop was still in NY. When Jon moved to NM Kurt stayed behind and has started his own rebuilding/restoration business for Autolites. While I've not had any work done there myself, everything I've seen/read says he does a great job.

This is Kurt's website:

Mark Houlahan
Brand Manager
Mustang Monthly Magazine

1965 FFR Roadster 427W/TKO-600 5-speed
1966 Mustang 289-4V/C4 Auto
1968 Mustang 4.6L Three-Valve/5R55S Auto
1990 Mustang 306/AOD
2002 Explorer Sport Trac 4.0L V-6/5R55 Auto
2005 F-150 4x2 4.2L V-6/4R70W Auto

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Posts: 123
Joined: 06/09
Posted: 11/02/12 05:56 AM

Does anyone know of another rebuild company? I cannot get in touch with lo carbs carbatooters.  

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