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no shifting mustang

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Posted: 11/16/12 03:49 AM

my 94 mustang gt 5.0 wont engage into gear. changed the shift linkage lever, filter and new tranny fluid. still wont shift into drive or reverse. please help Confused  

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Posted: 11/16/12 07:39 AM

i am taking that it worked previous to this service...

now... did you have any issues when installing the transmission filter on the valve body.. so its fully seated...

when you mention that you changed the shift linkage lever?????  is that the actual shaft through the side of the case ??? or something else??????

after transmission servicing...    normal idea is to put in 3 or 4 quarts of fluid before starting the engine...  as soon as the engine starts.. start pouring fluid in as fast as you can..  thats transmission probably holds after a filter change 6 or 7 quarts.. i don't recall off hand..

once you have a total of 5 quarts in.. start checking fluid level with a dip stick..

if you started the engine and let it run with the transmission pan completely dry.. you may have damaged the transmission pump...

how about a better description of what happened???

when i am filling an automatic transmission.. usually after rebuilding it...  i have the drive wheels in the air.. i put in 3 quarts... start the engine and get the transmission in low gear... i then start pouring fluid in until the wheels start to spin...   i normally have a helper in the drivers seat controlling the transmission and brake..  i upshift from low to second.. then to drive.. and stop the wheels with the brake...  put in in reverse...  let the wheels spin ...  stop them with the brake...  put it in park and check the fluid level..     add more until its up to the full line... again put it in low... let the wheels spin.. up to second.. up to drive...  back to park.. check the level..    this time..  i put it in drive  i release the brake.. accelerate the wheels and listen for the shift points..   usually around 15 to 18 for second gear to engage...  28 for third gear.. forth about 40..

please expand on what was done during repairs this time..  

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Posted: 11/16/12 05:38 PM

did it work before you changed the tranni oil filter?, if so the filter may not be fully seated into the valve body, and not getting oil pressure, even if the tranni reads full.  

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