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'66 Pink Shelby GT350 Covvertible

New User
Posts: 1
Joined: 11/12
Posted: 11/21/12 12:44 PM

I am new to the Forum, but not new to Mustangs and Mustang Monthly. I wanted to throw out some information I have on the 1966 Pink Shelby GT 350 Convertible. I first got into Vintage Mustangs when I was 14 years old, or 1979. I remember looking at all the car magazines, and in particular ones that had to do with 1965-1973 Mustangs. I remember always looking at the classifieds to see what was for sale. I distinctly remember seeing a small classified ad in the back of a Magazine that was advertising a 1966 Pink Shelby GT350 Convertible. I always remember the ad because the selling price was, I beleive, $60,000 at that time, and I beleive it said it had no motor. I thought it was a misprint so I never gave it a thought. Shelbys at that time were selling for around $10,000 or so. Since that time I know that it has been said that the Pink Shelby was never built. But the ad was there as I saw it. Maybe it was a hoax, I don't know, but wouldn't it be nice if someone had the time to check the classifieds that were placed in car magazines at that time to see if that ad/phone number could be located. If it turned out to be real, it would be a great find. I would say from 1978-1980 is the time that I would have seen the ad. It may have been in Mustang Monthly, or Hemmings, or??? Those are the 2 that I remember looking at when I was a teenager.  

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Posts: 635
Joined: 07/06
Posted: 11/22/12 06:11 AM

No early, 65-66 Pink Shelby.


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Bill T.
Posts: 283
Joined: 04/08
Posted: 11/27/12 08:27 AM

Shelby built a very few 66 convertible GT350s years after the 1966 model year was over.  I don't recall any being painted pink but someone could have repainted one.  

1966 coupe
1995 Cobra R

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