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installing old sideview mirror on new door skin for a 1966

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Posted: 02/09/13 11:02 AM

20 years ago I installed a new door skin, driver's side(really long restoration).  I never put the side mirror back on and of course do not have the old door skin for measurements.  I need to know how many inches back from the leading edge of the door skin do I drill the 1st hole?  

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Posted: 02/09/13 12:28 PM

don't ask for a drill hole position ONLY....

ask for the measurement from the front of the door to the front of the mirror mounting base/foot


for the measurement from the front of the door to the face of the mirror...

depending on the mirror you have there could be slight variations..

you will also want to make sure that the windwing opens properly... before you drill any holes..

this is just a comment from someone who has gotten in a car and could not open the windwings or see thru the mirrors..  

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