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Is my transmission ok? Or is it my torque converter?

New User
Posts: 5
Joined: 05/12
Posted: 03/13/13 01:16 AM

I have a 1967 Ford Mustang. It was originally a 289 but swapped it with a 302 I had built, I underestimated the power it had and it burnt out the original C4 tranny that was in it, I recently installed a brand new C4 Streetfighter transmission from TCI along with a TCI Streetfighter torque converter/stall this time I am sure the Streetfighter tranny can handle the power my engine is putting out. My problem now is when I floor the accelerator peddle my rpms wont go past 3000-3500 and my mustang makes the sound as if its over-revving but if I press the accerlerator peddle 3/4 of the way down it still doesnt go past 3000-3500 rpms but it no longer makes the over-revving sound. Why wont it go past 3000-3500 rpms and why does it make that sound? A chevy buddy of mine says its the stall and Im just not use to it yet but im not too sure. If it helps my 302 is putting out 435 hp and 460 ft-lb of torque, TCI says the streetfighter transmission and torque converter/stall can handle 500 hp, I have a tranny/oil cooler installed and I put B&M Trick Shift transmission fluid in my transmission. Does anyone know what is wrong?  

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New User
Posts: 3
Joined: 02/13
Posted: 05/14/13 02:26 PM

sounds a little odd,,I would first make sure that the tranny fluid is correct,,the wrong fluid can cause all kinds of different problems, are you having this trouble while driving,,or while you are sitting still, like on the line waiting for the tree,,,sounds like the tranny and torque converter are a good match,,if it is doing this while sitting still, but rev's up to full song while going down the track (over 3500) ,,could be that at the point of the over rev (3/4 throttle), is where you would launch,,,if it does it all the time like flooring it doing 60 mph or more,,then I would look into bad parts,,like tranny or torque converter,,with any luck someone here has had similar problem and can help you a little more,,good luck,,  

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