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carburetor leaking

New User
Posts: 1
Joined: 03/13
Posted: 03/13/13 02:20 PM

Hi all, quick email from Ireland. Just rebuilt my engine after it was standing for about two years. After carefully putting it all back together I have a leak coming from the carburetor. To explain where the leak is... where the fuel line meets the carburetor.It is not the hose line i believe it is a small filter that screws onto the carb... Much appreciated if someone can help. Thanks  

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Posts: 343
Joined: 11/09
Posted: 03/13/13 05:44 PM

the fuel line screws into the filter housing should be double flared, or it may not be fully seating, other thing is the nut that holds the filter into the carb, should have a fiber o ring on it.  

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Posts: 455
Joined: 04/12
Posted: 03/13/13 07:30 PM

you did not describe which of the possible fords or carbs you have.. there are several options with screw in the end filters..

anyway.. leaks are from any of three places...

from the inverted flair fitting where the tubing nut is threaded into the end of the filter..

from the FILTER FACTORY CRIMP.. where the filter manufacturer crimped the tubular part into the hex end..

from the threaded end of the filter... where its threaded into the float bowl..  

this could be  LOOSE. not tightened properly..

this could be missing its seal depending on the type..

this could be cross threaded  ...

the threads in the float bowl could be pulled out from over tightening..

figure out where its leaking from

i have also seen fuel leak from the accelerator pump diaphragm or from under the lip of the accelerator pump cover.. and look like a fuel filter leaking..

i had a friend with a really nice 79  fairmont wagon with the 200 six... he was driving thru downtown los angeles and some crazy guy ran out of an alley.. jumped up on his hood while he was stopped in traffic.. jumped up and down a few times mashing his hood..  the engine caught fire..  the crazy mashed the air filter down and broke off the fuel filter from the carb..

you can post pictures with photobucket  dot com use the links that start with IMG..

for some carbs if the inlet threads are stripped.. there is no saving them.. for others there are some ways to repair them.

post an application... i will attempt to advice you as to what's available..

this is the normal hose type ford fuel filter..

63 22268

this type eliminates the hose connection and is usually found on VANs... and other applications.
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