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MM May '04 - Install '70 Door glass in a '69 Mustang

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Posted: 01/15/13 11:03 AM

I determined the reason my driver's window will not roll down all the way...but in doing so I removed the plates from the window glass.  It looks like a PO was in the door previously because there are holes in the glass and plates that didn't have a bolt in them and it looks like there was one of the plastic washer that goes on the front bracket missing.

I have the following parts: front guide bracket, 2 nuts for the front guide bracket,  front plate, one plastic washer for the front bracket and plate, rear guide bracket, 2 nuts for the rear guide bracket, rear plate, two plastic washers that are used to attach the rear guide bracket to the window and the window to the plate.  

My questions:
1) How many bolts hold the rear plate to the car....just the 2 guide bracket studs and nuts...or is there a 3rd bolt that goes in the extra hole in the plate and glass...if so...what does through the hold to prevent breaking the glass when tightening>

2) are there supposed to be 2 nylon/plastic washer used on the front guide bracket to attach the plate to the window glass?

3) IN REFERENCE TO MM article MM May '04 The pic shown in the MM article shows 3 holes in the front of the glass and 3 holes in the rear of the glass.  Is there supposed to be one front hole and one rear hole left empty?

4) I don't have the original bolt/nut that was used to attach the regulator arm to the front part of the window glass.  The PO simply used a bolt and a nut.  Because he couldn't tighten it sufficiently...the window would only roll down until the regulator arm would hit the regulator spring (I know now that the guide bar can be adjusted to allow the arm to clear the spring.  The plate has a recessed area built into it for attaching the regulator.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can use to be able to tighten the regulator arm to a replacement bolt?  I realize this last question is sorta hard to understand...but it is hard for me to explain.  

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