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What size Styled Steel Wheels for 64 1/2

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Posted: 04/13/13 12:31 PM

I am considering buying a used set of rims with tires.  The owner believes they are 14x7.  Five lug 4 1/2" pattern.  The back spacing is 4".  The tires are P205/70R14.  Will this setup fit on a stock 64 1/2 without rubbing?  I have drum brakes now.  Could I upgrade to disc brakes with this rim/tire combo?  Thanks. Smile  

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Posted: 04/16/13 06:15 AM

They are most likely 14x5.5 from the '67 Mustang. The '64-'66 models were 14x5. Availability for '64 1/2 was May production, so early cars didn't even have them available (if you are concerned with date codes/judging). The '64 1/2 and '65 wheels had a chrome lip and the '66-'67 used a stainless trim ring and the rim painted black. Also, the early wheels were argent silver in the center and later '65 and up wheels had a charcoal center. Backspacing is usually about 3 3/4.

Double check rim width and backspacing, if it is as I state they'll fit fine.

As for disc brakes, you might get away with some of the small, compact disc setups out there, but most likely you'll be changing wheels again. Since my car is a weekend cruiser I left the power drums in place to be able to run the Styled Steels on my car.

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Posted: 04/19/13 04:50 PM

Thanks for the info Mustang Man.  Put one of the tires on the front.  There isn't a lot of clearance, but I don't think it will rub.  

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