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broken 4 barrel intake manifold

New User
Posts: 7
Joined: 05/12
Posted: 05/03/13 05:51 PM

I recently bought a 1966 4 barrel carb and intake for $100 and while I was cleaning the manifold I noticed these broken pieces around the bolts. I should have realized it but I got caught up in the price. Is there any way to fix it or did I just by a giant paper weight?
Thank you  

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Posts: 223
Joined: 04/13
Posted: 05/04/13 06:42 AM

i don't see anything broken around the bolt holes...

except for some casting flash that was supposed to be broken off... from where the sand cores part lines were assembled ...

DSCN2386 Zpsd294421e

i do predict that unless you do a significant amount of work more that any motor you install that intake on will have a very short life before totally blowing up...

please.. take a chisel.  and lift the rivets that hold the oil splash shield on the bottom of the intake.. so you can remove the splash shield..  if you get under the edge of the splash shield.. you can usually wedge them upwards.. and get them out without destroying them..

most of the time.. they can be reused.. if you are really lucky..

you have sand caught in the grease...

you have sand caught in the carbon in the cross over passage...

you have sand caught in the intake ports..

ONE GRAIN of sand.. will ruin your engine...

if you live on the west coast... you might be able to find some of this brand cleaner degreaser in smart and final or cash and carry stores.. its from first street brand..

3202842 4000X200

multiple applications of this at full strength in a tub to catch it...  then washing in warm or hot water... and reapplying it when the manifold dries... gets it really really clean...  you will also want to chip out the carbon from the passages... then run tubular brushes thru with the cleaner degreaser to really get the carbon out..

you will also want to use a tubular brush. to clean the sand out of the threaded bolt holes.. then run a bottoming tap in and out..  to verify they are totally clean..

i used to work in  engine rebuilding shops.. one of them i ran the cylinder head department.. so i know what it takes to get it clean at home if you don't have a jet tank to wash it in...

if you can get all the grease off... and the sand off.. so its really clean.. a local machine shop might toss it in the jet wash tank for you for really cheep to double check that its totally clean..

i get some of my projects totally clean of grease and carbon and have my friend at the transmission shop drop them in his machine for final wash.. . he does not like grease in his.. but a final rinse is a sure thing..

don't use cleaner degreaser on the carb...

i only use cheep brake cleaner lately...  or sometimes carb spray..   carb dip has too many issues ..  

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New User
Posts: 7
Joined: 05/12
Posted: 05/04/13 01:40 PM

thank you. obviously i don't exactly know what i am doing.
it is much appreciated.  

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Posts: 223
Joined: 04/13
Posted: 05/05/13 06:40 AM

obviously i don't exactly know what i am doing.

Don't look at it like this...

this is a PLACE TO LEARN....  

you are NOT born with this knowledge... this kind of stuff is passed down.. passed around..

there are over 40 car and truck magazines on this site..  there are 4 mustang and ford specific magazines on this site also..

there are a few dozen more out around the web...  

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