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Sway Bar Bushing Brackets

New User
Posts: 26
Joined: 03/12
Posted: 02/11/13 11:25 AM

I've got a 1988 2.3l mustang and my sway bar bushings are shot.  The bolts of the bushing brackets are real rusty and hard to budge.  The nuts the bolts screw into are on other sway bar brackets attached to the inner fenders.  The bushings are sandwiched between these innner fender brackets and the bushing brackets.  There appears to be a plastic piece that fits over the nuts to keep them from turning when turning the bushing bracket bolts in or out.

Can anyone confirm this?  Of course, not only are my bolts and bushing brackets totally rusted, but these plastic pieces are brittle and busted up.  Any ideas on how to get these bolts off, and does anyone know if they make replacement bushing brackets and these plastic pieces? If so, do they make them for 2.3l cars or just 5.0l?  

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Posts: 455
Joined: 04/12
Posted: 02/12/13 08:40 AM

before you do anything.. you need to identify the thickness of your anti sway bar...

i see bracket bushings listed for bars from   7/8" to 1 5/16" for the front sway bar..

i only have a glimmer of what an 88 sway bar bracket looks like.. other than the part thats welded to the inner frame rail...

perhaps like this 91 mustang version...

91Muatangfrontsuspension Zps6f3a18a8  

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Posts: 455
Joined: 04/12
Posted: 02/12/13 08:46 AM

looks like some of the brackets may be available from ford still..

because of the deep design.. i have not seen an aftermarket version of your bracket.. but they could be out there..

you might want to search out some junk yard versions... perhaps score a thicker sway bar also.. but thats up to you .. depending on your driving style..

soaking the bolt threads  in WD40 will  really help to ease the removal...  

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