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Spare Tire

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Posted: 07/02/13 01:59 PM

I have a 1972 Mustang Hardtop and my parents purchased it new from the dealership.

I plan on restoring it to factory condition since it is a survivor.

I plan on keeping radials under it so I can drive it to shows during the summer months.

The spare has a really bald tire on it.  I would like to replace it with a vintage bias tire that it would have had from the factory.

My question is this, if I had to use the spare when I would have a flat in one of the radias, would the bias ply tire cause problems driving it?  

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Posted: 07/02/13 03:28 PM

Your not suppose to mix radials and bias ply tires on the same axle, all depends how far you plan to drive away from home too, if your only 30min from home it would be little difference than driving with a donut, i wouldn be doing 60mph on a miss match, but it would get you off the highway and to a gas station  

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