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new convertible!!!!!!

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Posted: 08/18/13 01:23 AM

I have an 06 ford mustang and ofcoarse 2 weeks after I bought it there came a hurricane and it flooded well I managed to get the warranty company to replace it with a new one they had it a week and I just picked it up they wouldn't tell me where they took it to have it done anyway it looks good and its tight but above the front window there is a metal bracket that shows and doesn't look right it wasn't like that with the other to also around the smaller back Windows the same thing and some kind of insulated stripping doesnt look good question is will it stretch and cover that eventually are do they need to fix it????  

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Posted: 08/18/13 02:19 AM

don't quite follow your description. need photos but sounds like a budget top installed by a budget shop. you need a top from robbins or crown.  

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