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VIN numbers do not match: "A" and "C" - Please Help!

New User
Posts: 1
Joined: 09/13
Posted: 09/12/13 10:01 AM


I just bought a '65 Mustang convertible that has spent its whole life in southern California.  It has only had two owners, the original owner and then the 2nd owner that bought the car from him in 1979 in Riverside, CA.  

Here is the strange problem:  The CA title and door data plate show 5R08A......, but the fender stamping clearly is stamped 5R08C...... with the exact same production number (I just can't remember the actual number right now).

How can this be?  It is the same car since the production number is the exact same, and the door data plate is the original.  So, is it an "A" code or "C" code car?  Why would these two differ?  Please help!


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Posts: 223
Joined: 04/13
Posted: 09/12/13 06:55 PM

go out to the car..

write down each number.. or take picture of it...

at your computer.. google VIN CHECK... make sure that neither of them show up on the hot sheet..

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Posts: 86
Joined: 07/13
Posted: 09/13/13 04:18 AM

don't worry about it, but photos won't hurt. this happened on several 65 cars. i had a few. there is a write up about it online somewhere.

does it have a 4 barrel?

how about dual ex?

there is a small hole in the rear frame. stick your finger in it and push backwards, if it has a plate with a small hole in it it is an a code car.

you can get it retitled in calif as an a code but loose the door tag or get an a tag.  

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Bill T.
Posts: 283
Joined: 04/08
Posted: 09/16/13 07:55 AM

The fender stamping is the official VIN so your title doesn't match the car.  Door data plates can be purchased blank and stamped with whatever.  And it isn't that hard to make the engine code C to A changes (2V to 4V carburetor and single to dual exhaust).  

Check the gear ratio on the aluminum tag on the rear end (if it is there and original).  C codes usually had a 2.80 gear set and A's had 3.00.  

1966 coupe
1995 Cobra R

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Posts: 1410
Joined: 03/08
Posted: 09/18/13 01:34 PM

There are also two stampings on the cars under the right and left front fenders. you may have to loosen the right front (rear side of the shock tower) fender to get at the stampings unlike the left which is clearly in sight. With the ease it is to make data plates, you may have have a car that was a C or was repaired with c fender aprons. or lastly just flat mis-marked by the factory. The R shows that it's a san jose car.  

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