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1999 convertible leaks

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Posted: 09/29/13 07:55 AM

I have a 1999 convertible that has developed a water leak in the very back around the bottom of the window and the bottom panel, the water ends up on the vinyl behind the rear seat and then onto the floor there are no tears or holes how do I stop it.  

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Posted: 09/29/13 09:23 PM

this takes a very small trickle of water from the end of a hose... somebody on the outside moving the hose slowly around the top.. while another person is inside with bright 12 volt lights.. don't want you getting shocked..  and looking for the drip or trickle flowing inside the car..

it does not take much...

don't forget. it can come from a quarter panel.. it can come up from the floor... where the tire spray is kicked up...

the quarter panel drains can also be clogged.. allowing water to get into the panels behind the door jam then flow in past the inner panel..

convertible top shops are really good at finding these leaks...  

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