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Trunk Lid Gasket

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Posted: 10/13/13 11:20 AM


I am brand new to this forum and this is my first post. I have been working on my 1968 Mustang, trying to restore it for the last 30 years or so (I am slow).

I am ready to install the gasket that seals the trunk lid (luggage compartment I think is the correct term) and I did not take any notes when I removed it for re-painting.  I have looked at every Mustang Monthly How To Article, their two books on restoring Vintage Mustangs, and every other source I could think of and I cannot find anything on installing this gasket.

So, can anyone tell me:

A.  Does the gasket glue to the trunk lid or does it go on the car body?(My wife's Lincoln has the gasket on the car body, not the lid)

B. What is the orientation of the gasket?  It is triangular shaped with a slit in the gasket that runs from the thin end to the thick end (cross sectional view).  I have a Scott Drake brand gasket.  Which side of the gasket is glued to whatever it fits on?

c. Where are the two ends of the gasket positioned?  Are they positioned to mate at the back near the gas tank fill or at the front near the rear window?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  A picture would be extremely helpful.


Jerry Hudgens  

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Posted: 10/13/13 10:02 PM

stick around.. several forum members have done this... and probably some of the staff.. i don't know if they come in monday or tuesday...

somebody might even have one of the 67 68 mustang assembly manuals..

also.. coupe or fastback????

C7ZZ 6343720 B


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Posted: 10/15/13 05:24 PM

Hey Man,

Thanks for the reply.  I actually found the answer already.  I stumbled across a previous post here on this forum and it had several pictures.  Although the pictures were not for a 1968 Mustang it was obvious from the pictures that my gasket installed the same as the pictures.  With the help of my wife and 3M rubber cement I got the gasket installed and its staying in place.

The picture of the Blue Mustang with the masking tape on it is almost my exact color (Acapulco Blue).  My Mustang is a coupe with the 289 engine.  I bought it new in late 1968 and it has about 80,000  miles on it.  I have been re-doing everything on the car for the last 30 years or so.

I am glad I stumbled across this forum.  I have been relying on my disassembly notes and how to articles in Mustang Monthly and up to now have pretty well figured most things out.  However I was stumped on the trunk lid gasket.

I have the official Ford Service Manual for my Mustang but it has absolutely nothing about the trunk lid or gasket.

Anyway, thanks

Jerry Hudgens  

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