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'66 Coupe Headliner Question II

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Posted: 06/09/13 01:05 AM

SO . . . I get to the back of the car (by the package tray) and I see 2 clips on each side by the edge below the level of the tray.  It looks like there should be a piece of (cardboard or something) that the headliner should glue to to hold the back sides down.  There was nothing there but it's 47 years old and I have no idea what should be there to hold the headliner down!  Could someone look in the rear of their 65 - 66 and let me know whats there?  None of the shop manuals show anything . . .    MANY THANKS!  Mel  

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Posted: 06/10/13 07:40 AM

There's a strip of cardboard that holds the headliner down and then the metal tabs are bent back over it. Here's an ancient shot of my '66 when we did the headliner in it back in 2001 or so...

P98143 Image Large

If your cardboard is gone you can simply make up new pieces...

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Posted: 06/10/13 11:26 AM

Thank you Sir!  That is what I suspected but that makes it very clear!  Again MANY thanks!  Mel  

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