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1966 manual choke setup

New User
Posts: 21
Joined: 02/10
Posted: 12/29/13 08:24 AM

Hey y'all,

My '66 manual choke is just hanging under the dash, and the two barrel carb has a disconnected electronic choke.

Can anyone show me from these pics how to reconnect one or the other? I almost prefer the manual since it's only needed occasionally in cold weather. One of Wayne's diagrams would come in real handy!




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Posts: 103
Joined: 10/13
Posted: 12/29/13 02:19 PM

do you have the MANUAL choke stuff for the side of the carb..  the OE ford parts are rare as hens teeth.

if you only have the automatic choke stuff as shown.. and its complete..

why not go to the electric choke coil.. and wire it to the S terminal circuit off the alternator or voltage regulator..

Duralast/Choke Thermostat Part Number: E6204 is 25 bucks.  should be really close to what you need.

or you can get some.. 1/4" aluminum tubing.. and several compression unions..

i normally carefully wind the aluminum.. i normally use uncoated steel brake tubing..  and slowly wind it around an exhaust pipe..  use short sections to screw it to the connector where you have the yellow cap..  i use the double wide band from a No hub coupling from the drain department  i don't use the rubber.. just the double wide band.. to help hold the loops in place.. and keep the heat in...

Help/Choke heater tube kit
Part Number: 76850
Alternate Part Number: 119-375-S


Help/Choke stove kit
Part Number: 03840

a long time ago.. a cartoonist i knew had a steam injection system that the boiler had failed from excessive radiant head off the exhaust system.  thats were i first wrapped the steel brake tubing around the pipe and used the no hub band.  worked great.. i did not see how the steam was controlled..  

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New User
Posts: 8
Joined: 12/13
Posted: 12/29/13 03:41 PM

My '66 manual choke is just hanging under the dash, and the two barrel carb has a disconnected electronic choke.

Hello Brazil, stick to Pontiacs.  Shocked

CHOKE AND E BRAKE - You have a broken manual choke cable and the end of your e brake cable in the same hand.

Your e brake is disconnected and it looks like the manual choke housing is only 18" long.

As Wayne said, it is easiest to buy an electric choke but it should be wired to the i post on your starter solenoid. this is the single wire post pointing slightly rearward. the old ford chokes ran off of around 9 volts which is basically what you get off the ford alternator post,. the replacements run off of 12.

To fix your choke you need an orig style choke tube from any mustang parts supplier like npd etc. there is a half round boss on the side of the ex manifold between the second and third spark plug. the metal tube goes in a hole on top of that boss. the hole is usually plugged and the old choke tube is broken off in it so just drill it out then vacuum out the debris.

make sure your choke opens and closes easily by hand first which it probably will not. if not simply disassemble it under the cover, pull the brass piston out and wet sand it with 400 until it moves freely in the hole then put a dab of grease on it and reassemble.

E BRAKE - To fix the e brake, the ball on the end of the cable connects to a 16" long arm under the trans, there is also a J hook, spring, and small half round piece that the rear cable attaches to. See them at npd or in Waynes next post, lol.

AUTO TRANS KICK DOWN - You are missing the orig style manual kick down bracket, rod, return spring and return spring bkt for your auto trans.

THROTTLE RETURN SPRING - Yours is incorrect and can be purchased along with the bkt at npd etc.

Please don't tell anyone on the pontiac site i happened to know any of theses things about a ford, they will shun me. i only know these things because i happened to stay at a best western inn last night  


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New User
Posts: 21
Joined: 02/10
Posted: 12/29/13 05:08 PM

Wayne and Bird,

I knew if I snuck away from Pontiac a minute y'all would come to my rescue. Thanks, got it covered now.  Bird, I had a feeling I was holding the brake and choke cables in the same hand - a little bird told me when I was taking the pic... along with a pully with nothing on it.

The kickdown works fine, not stock but effective! I'll take a pic of the "other side" later, it's actually a killer little pony. I hitch her to a best western post sometimes.

Thanks, and much peace to my buds in the new year.

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